(Alphabetical by last name)

Jon Greising

Alex Harms

Coach Alex Harms has coached fencers since 2007. He is the Director of Foil Programming for the Des Moines Fencing Club. He is certified in all three fencing weapons by the US Fencing Coaches Association and International Academy of Arms. He earned his Professional Coaching designation in foil (Prevot Fluret) in 2012. Alex has served as a coach and officer for the Des Moines Fencing Club, the University of Iowa Fencing Club, the Penn State Fencing Club. He was president of the Iowa Division of USA Fencing from 2015-18. Alex is a West Des Moines native.

He is completing his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and will graduate from Des Moines University in 2021.

Nat Holzgrafe

Emma Keesler

Mike Keesler

Mike Keesler started fencing in December of 1991 taking a foil course in College.  After school he moved to the Denver area and started fencing epee at the Cheyenne Fencing Society and Modern Pentathlon Center.  Mike moved to Omaha for work in 1995 and fenced epee with the Musketeer fencing Club.  He then moved to Lincoln Nebraska where he fenced for 10+ years earning his C rating in epee and serving as club president for 2007-2008.  

Mike moved to Des Moines, and started fencing at Des Moines Fencing Club in September of 2016.  Mike started coaching epee in October of 2017 and earned his Assistant Moniteur with the USFCA and International Academy of Arms.  Mike started working as head coach of the epee program about a year later.  Mike still loves to compete and is delighted that three of his children have become fencers and Emma has coached in foil and epee.  Mike looks forward to passing on his love of the sport to his students.  

Troy Nehring

Coach Troy is an assistant coach in both the foil and epee programs.  Certified as Monitour of Foil by the US Fencing Coaches Association and International Academy of Arms.  He continues to pursue fencing education and tries to find the most practical way to teach the sport of fencing.

He started fencing in late 2007.  He spent a number of years as a regular competitive fencing until one of the existing coaches suggest he try coaching. Now he spends his time training new fencers as a coach and then attempts to beat them on the strip as a competitor.

Jason Reis

Assistant Saber Coach, Assistant Monitour certified 2020. Jason became coach after being a parent of one of DMFC’s athletes.  He first joined the DMFC family as one of our many AFS’s, then took a coaching clinic and stepped up to helping coach our distinguished saber program.  He is very active in the the club.  Help arrange many activities.  He is one of few volunteers who helps in armoring the DMFC equipment.

Jason is the father of 3, 2 of which fence alongside him in class and at competitions.  He has found fencing to be great way to give of his time to help foster young people and also finds this sport to be an amazing stress relief in such a stress filled world.  When Jason is not parring attacks, he enjoys a great number of other hobbies such as trains, modeling, photography, camping, woodworking, and metal working.