Club Base Membership fee – $40 per month

  • Access to bouting times
  • Partake in club social events
  • Be part of extra programming

Base Membership ($40) + Group Class fee ($20) = $60 per month

  • (All of the above under Base Membership)
  • 60 minute weapon specific classes lead by USFCA certified coaches.
  • Individual Coach lessons – cost as determined by the coach
  • One on one training

Non-member Single Class Fee – $20 per class

This is for guests from other clubs who would like to take in a class while in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Individual Coach Lessons

One on one training. Cost as determined by the coach.


While the sky may be the limit,  on your fist day our coaches will help measure you up and place an order for you so you can take part in class.

DMFC requires every athlete to have own their own base equipment.  We are happy to help determine size and make recommendations.

  • Athletic Shoes (Volleyball/Tennis court shoes or fencing shoes)
  • Knee high socks
  • Athletic tee shirt
  • Athletic shorts
  • Water bottle
  • Gym or Fencers bag

Fencer’s Whites – $130-$200+

  • Mask
  • Weapon
  • Jacket
  • Plastron
  • Chest protector (as required or requested)
  • Glove
  • Knickers

Competitive equipment – $140+

This will only be required for athletes who want to attend tournaments. Other athletes may also appreciate having their own.

  • Lame
  • 2 body cords
  • 2 mask cords

USAF – membership fees


All DMFC Members must have a valid USA Fencing membership

DMFC Pays your first year fees for a non-competitive membership.  After the first year members are required to maintain their membership.

Non-Competitive – $10

  • Recreational fencing membership, can participate at a USA Fencing club, but cannot compete in sanctioned events
  • Includes secondary medical/accident insurance
  • Does not include voting privileges

Competitive – $75

  • Can compete at sanctioned local, divisional, regional, and national-level competitions
  • Includes secondary medical/accident insurance
  • Can vote in elections of the USA Fencing membership (subject to the member voting age restriction)
  • Receives subscription to American Fencing Magazine